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There used to be a time, many years ago, when The Equalizer was a great, beloved TV show. Then it ended.
But, this year, the series is getting revived... in the form of a movie and is set to star, the always epic, Denzel Washington. The first trailer for the film adaptation has arrived and it is epic.
Up until now, we haven't actually heard or seen much from the film as Sony have been rather tight-lipped about the whole situation. Last month, a rather smashing poster stalked in and even that didn't give much away but today, we get our first proper look at the Antoine Fuqua helmed movie as the first trailer has arrived, packed full of action and awesomeness.

The original TV show was around in 1985 and ran for 4 seasons and starred the British legend Edward Woodward as Robert McCall, the spy for the unnamed US Government Agency. 
The series has gone under reboot, except has been pitched as a motion picture and sees Denzel Washington heading up the lead role of McCall, with a great cast by his side of which includes Chloe Grace Moretz.

The story sees Washington as a former Black Ops commando who faked his death in order to live a quiet and peaceful life but returns to action to save a prostitute (Moretz) from some 'evil pimps' and this act gets him tangled into a real mess with CIA agents sent out to kill him and when he fights back, against overwhelming odds, he takes the titular name of 'The Equalizer'.

The film is going rogue into cinemas on October 10th and this first trailer hits with a sting, but not too bad. It gives us a good taster for what's to come, whilst not giving too much away.
It's good. It's always fun seeing Denzel kick ass.
I'm excited to see this film.
Check out the trailer below:

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