Winter returns... 
Picking up a few years after where 2011's Dolphin Tale ended, we see the original cast team up once again as they take the next step in Winter's story.

The first film was based on a true story and saw Winter the dolphin with her prosthetic tail and it took in just under $100 million. Now, with a few months to go until the return of Winter to the big screen, Warner Bros. have released the first trailer for the sequel which is set to bring more joyous and heartwarming true stories from Winter and the gang.

Nathan Gamble returns as Sawyer Nelson and is back at Clearwater Marine Hospital, led by Harry Connick Jr.'s Dr. Clay, helping Winter recover from the loss of her only pool friend, her mother Panama, before time runs out and she is moved to another aquarium.

Dolphin Tale 2 will swim into UK cinemas on 17th October, later this year, and stars Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd, Nathan Gamble and lots more!
Check out the trailer below:

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