There's only one way out...
Wes Ball's adaptation of James Dashner's hit YA novel, The Maze Runner is finding it's way to us, slowly but surely.

The year is big for adaptions but I can already see that this one is going to go on to be one of the biggest to release.

The book is utterly compelling and truly splendid and based on what we can see from the first trailer, the book will live up to the expectations and standards set out by Dashner's novel.

A first trailer has been released and it will get your blood pumping, leaving you wanting more and to accdompany this neatly we have also been given a cool, complex and utterly magnificent first poster for the film too.
Check out the badass new poster below (click for hi-res):
There's only one way out...
The story of The Maze Runner follows a group of witty teenagers that wake up in the middle of a large, intricate maze with no idea of how they got there and no idea of who they actualy are. They do know one thing, when the doors to the maze open, the chance of freedom is there but it is made slim with the presence of the bloodthirsty and deadly Grievers.
Check out the highly exciting first trailer, along with the badass new poster, for the film below:

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