And Cars 3 is also coming too...
Things are looking to be pretty incredible as Disney Pixar have announced that a sequel to 2004's smash-hit superheor animation, The Incredibles, is in the works and it is happening!

I couldn't be happier at this news because, like everyone else, I have really wanted to see a sequel to the film for a looong time.
It is the most demanded sequel of all time and the 2004 blockbuster had a cliffhanger ending and everyone thought it would lead on to a sequel but 10 years later and only now have we been given confirmation that it will be happening.

The project is in very early stages but Brad Bird has announced it and is working on. The storyline remains unknown, I'm not sure whether it will continue from where it ended or not, but I am excited to see Mr. Incredible and the rest of the family return for their second outing!

Not only has a sequel to The Incredibles been announced but we Lightnign McQueen and Mater will be returning for  a 3rd film in their succesful Cars franchise in the near future so I'm excited because Pixar have big plans on the cards and I look forward to them.

It's going to be big. Bring it on.
What do you think of The Incredibles 2? Are you excited?

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