A great video game needs great actors for it's movie adaptation...
Naughty Dog have recently announced that their smash-hit apocalyptic video game, The Last of Us, will be adapted for the big screen with Evil Dead director, Sam Raimi on board to bring the adventure to life.

Since the movie's confirmation, fans of the game have been really excited as The Last of Us is, argubaly, one of the best games to have released to date and with the right story, right cast and right work the movie can live up to greatness set by the game which released last year and with the game's directors, Neil Druckmann and Bruce Staley on board the project with Raimi we have high hopes for the upcoming film.

Deadline did reveal a summary for a possible plot but it's really basic and doesn't give away much more than that the film will revolve around our 2 beloved main characters, Joel and Ellie.

I am a big fan of the game and am excited in seeing what happens with a film adaptation as it can go both ways but the big question picking at my mind, and probably the minds of other The Last of Us enthusiasts is WHO WILL PLAY JOEL AND WHO WILL PLAY ELLIE?!

It is question that has been rattling everyone's minds for a while now as a perfect game needs a perfect movie and obviously, a perfect cast and selecting out the finest actors and actresses that also look similar to the characters is what one classes as a difficult task.

No story has been confirmed so it is unknown what other characters will be making a return but I have been pondering and with my love for the game and my endless knowledge on movies and actors and the industry I have picked out a couple of celebs that I potentially see as good celebrities to play Joel and Ellie.

Possible actresses that would make a good Ellie?

Ellen Page:
The actress is a common suggestion for females to play Eliie and I can see why. She was in Beyond: Two Souls, another big PS3 exclusive game that was released alongside The Last of Us, and her character, Jodie, sort of resembles Ellie as they are both central characters in the games and get involved with lots of action. Page is probably best-known for her role and utterly compelling performance in Juno as the titular teen and she is also big with action as she was a major cast member in the X-Men films so I'm sure she would be able to handle Raimi's adaption very well.
She has the brutality and viciousness and great acting skills to bring Ellie to life and to do a good job doing it and I can easily see her possibly heading up the role.

Elle Fanning:
She is probably one of the fastest growing teen actresses as her acting is of top quality and prestige. Her films range in variety and complex and she has taken on many challenging parts and she has always done a very good job, no matter what. My favourite Fanning role would have to be in Super 8 as she brought a lot to the film and her performance was magnificent.
She is also a very pretty actress and her blond locks would suggest that she may not look like Ellie but if you've seen the 15 year old in Ginger and Rosa then you'll see that she has high potential to play Ellie.
She hasn't necessarily played a brutal character as she's always the sweet girl but knowing her acting abilities I bet that if she was cast as Ellie, she would do the character justice and add a great amount of viciousness.

Chloe Grace Moretz:
Moretz is one of the biggest teen actresses out there, filmography wise and acting wise. 
She has starred in over 50 films to date and she has brought great acting to every single one. She has also won several awards for her performances and she has been nominated a handful of times. Some of her biggest roles include Hugo Cabaret, Kick Ass 1 and 2, Carrie and lot's more! She has a wide range of roles by her side and she is armed with many characters of many personalities and Ellie is a brutal, cheeky but soft and shy girl and I do think that Moretz can bring out the best of the character. She is a top class actress and that is what fans want for Ellie.
Moretz also has a similar look and similar style to Ellie and honestly, if she was cast then you can be assured that Raimi knows what he is doing because I know that I'm not the only thinking this, Chloe would make the perfect Ellie.
Chloe would probably be my first choice for the role but that is not to say that Elle and Ellen can't make it work because I think they would also do justice to Ellie's character.
But then again, I'm sure if the right actress is chosen then they'll be just as good but in my opinion, Chloe, Elle and Ellen are the way to go with this one.

This leaves the question of how should play Joel? Joel is the brutal, beardy adult that sticks with Ellie throughout the game. He's a bit of a legend and is as tough as nails. Just like I did with Ellie, I have selected actors which I believe would make great Joel's in Sam Raimi's adaptation of the apocalyptic video game.

Possible actors that would make a good Joel?

Russell Crowe:
His newest movie sees him put on a few years and get really beard-y in Noah as he stars as the titular ark builder. The film looks awfully good and I am terribly excited to see it, especially considering Emma Watson co-stars.
Crowe is pretty big in the movie industry and he has had a good time as an actor, one of his best films being Gladiator. He's had a really passion for historical films and no he re-writes history with Darren Arofonsky's biblical epic, in a way you've never seen it before. 
Crowe is a really hot cauldron of bubbling and boiling anger in Noah and he looks good with a beard and I think these 2 are key points of Joel's character so if you add 2 and 2 then it's obvious that Russell Crowe would be a neat actor in bringing the rough and tough Joel to life, he definitely has the age and brutality and action experience to do it.

Gerard Butler:
Aye mate, I think that the Scottish actor is very suitable for tackling the role of Joel.
The actor is quite underrated which seems weird considering that Butler has taken on many varied and many massive roles in the past, my favourite of his being 300, but not many people know him because it's just one of those things where they recognize him by face. He is an actor of multiple talents and his acting is always strong, bold and overwhelming and he always makes his role believable and thoroughly enjoyable. He is also brutal, again we relate 300 to this, and his beard is one of hair and bristles and more hair.
He would make an interesting Joel as I think he can bring lots to the role and do a good job of taking on the infectious infected.
His only weakness would be his lack of age as he seems too young and he isn't the type of actor that I think can pull off an old geezer. Also, he doesn't exactly match the character of Joel in the way that Crowe does.

Hugh Jackman:
Let's give Wolverine a shot because if you strip him of his adamantium and claws and give him some age and a sexy beard then we have our Joel.
Jackman is a MASSIVE actor in the streets of Hollywood and he has excelled in acting in almost every movie that he has starred in.
From X-Men to Australia to Real Steel to Les Miserables, Hugh Jackman has done it ALL and in all styles and all ways possible. His biggest role would obviously be Logan, A.K.A The Wolverine from the X-Men films. He has starred in all but 1 and he has even had his own spin-off films because his character is just that awesome! I am a die hard mutants fan and I think that Jackman is a great Wolverine! He plays the clawed vigilante very well and makes every performance memorable, and better than before.
He is an actor of absolute class and quality and his beard is pretty damn sexy and he is a bit of a legend and in my opinion, would make a perfect Joel and would thrive in making Joel's utterly compelling charisma and charm a reality.
He has the looks, he has the brutality, he can bring the action, his beard is beard-y, he has serious style that would match that of Joel's and let's not forget, he is the Wolverine and there is nothing he can't do.
I am very aficionado of the idea of Jackman heading up the role of Joel and Moretz taking on the role of Ellie. They would make a kick ass team and there is no doubt about that. I love the video game and it is perfect in every way possible and obviously I would expect the film to be just as good, if not better, because it s able to go on to be spectacular.

I think that fans of the game, everywhere, are going to be backing up the idea of wanting a perfect film and a perfect cast for the film and honestly, I look forward to seeing what the future holds for Sam Raimi's The Last of Us and I look forward to seeing who is cast as our two adventurers. I do think that Raimi will think long and hard about who to cast and no matter who they are, all I really want is a good film and for the actors/actresses to do justice to the roles they are given, as well as Naughty Dog's hit game.

You have the actors that I would suggest to play Joel and the actresses that I would love to see as Ellie but do you agree or disagree and who would you cast if you were making a movie of The Last of Us?...

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  1. Ida SH says:

    OMG! Ellen Page and Russell Crowe would be phenomenal together, fits for the role of Joel and Ellie too, both by appearance and former film roles <3