It's books against blockbusters...
2014 is a pretty big year for pretty big films. There are MANY great upcoming films like Godzilla or X-Men: Days of Future Past, your typical blockbusters that everyone knows about and everyone is excited for.
Then there are the films which people know about and are excited for, just not as many people. I guess these films would include Divergent or The Maze Runner. 

The magical thing about these films would be that they are adapted from hit novels and this year is a big year as books and movies collide bigger than ever as we are set to receive lots of movies that have been based on novels, particularly YA novels. 2013 had some major adaptions like we saw The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, 12 Years a Slave, Filth, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and lots more and honestly, the majority of these films were actually really good. 

This year welcomes a host of new books to get the Hollywood treatment and some are BIG and everyone knows about them, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, and others are maybe not as big, The Fault in our Stars.

I am a novel enthusiast and I am very aficionado of books and of reading and I love it when books are adapted into movies. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. The Harry Potter novels were probably the biggest in films and THG and Twilight are racing close behind.

I have seen some books turned into films that I've never heard of and others that I have heard of and I thought that I would share, with you all, some books that I adore that I would LOVE to see as possible runners for movies in the near future...

Paper Towns:
The novel by John Green is one of my favourites and I love the story and the writer and it is a really captivating book that follows a teenage boy, Quentin, on his journey in search for his friend that recently disappeared, Margo.
I think it would work very well as a film as it wouldn't be too strenuous a task to transform and I also believe it would be a favourite with young adults everywhere.

Diary of a Wimpy Vampire:
It's Wimpy Kid meets Twilight... no it's not.
It's a really underestimated novel by Tim Collins but it's witty and absolutely hilarious and besides, everyone loves vampires so it would make a perfect film!

James and the giant peach:
It has had a movie but it was released ages ago, back in 1996, and honestly, it was pretty poor. The story is great and with the use of 21st century technology and CGI, the film could be rebooted and made a hit because it's a pretty big and pretty popular novel to be fair.

The first in Charlie Higson's Young Bond adventures. James Bond is currently a massive thing so let's go back in time and see how it all started, a great idea. Also, the books are beautifully written and intense and thrilling and would make a perfect action film. So, let's get it up on the big screen and let's make the sky fall...

The Enemy:
It is the first book in yet another series by Charlie Higson in which it takes a zombie apocalypse and adds a unique flare to it and sees teenagers survive it out in a wrecked London, whilst adults get infected and become monstrous flesh eating beasts.
All of Higson's novels are great and this one is no different, one of my all time favourite books, and zombie pandemic films are big and common so why not have another one, except this time it's actually unique and has a decent storyline and maybe not another version of last year's atrocious World War Z.

What do you think?
What books would you like to see given the Hollywood treatment?...

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