Everyone hustles to survive.

Con artists galore, hilarious and sexy outtakes from Lawrence, a 1980's theme that rocks like hell. American Hustle is the award winner that we need.

American Hustle kicks off with 1978 FBI agent Richie Di Maso (Bradley Cooper) and con artists Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale) and Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams) who are posing as advisors to a fake Arab Sheikh. They are attempting to bribe a high up politician, Carmine Polito (Jeremy Renner). It doesn't work out so we got to flashbacks which sees Irving meets Sydney for the first time where they bond over some Duke Ellington records and eventually fall in love. However, their love is not all joyous as Irving has a son who he will no part from but he also has Rosalyn (Jennifer Lawrence) on his hands and she'll not divorce him.

Irving and Sydney end up getting caught in a loan scam by Richie who proposes to release them if Irving assists him with four busts, four arrests. They agree although Syndey has her doubts. Irving has a friend pretend to be a wealthy Arab Sheikh looking for potential investments in America. An associate of Irving's suggests that the Sheikh should do business with the mayor of Carmen, Carmine Polito. Richie devises a plan to trap Carmine, over the objections of his boss Stoddard Thorsen (Louis C.K) and Irving. Richie acquires the help of Sydney and they hit it off and she distances herself from Irving.
We jump back to where the film liked off, before the flashback and see Richie’s over-eagerness to catch Carmine accepting a bribe which causes the mayor to become suspicious and leave the meeting. Irving convinces Carmine that the Sheikh is legitimate, expresses his dislike of Richie, and the two begin a friendship. Irving and Rosalyn have dinner with Carmine and his wife, and the two bond further. Sydney, jealous that Irving took Rosalyn to the dinner, invites Richie out to a nightclub where they partaaaaaay hard. 
Richie arranges for Carmine to meet the Sheikh at an airfield. Carmine brings the Sheikh to a high-class casino party and explains that local mobsters are there and a necessary part of doing business. Irving is surprised to learn the notoriously violent Mafia overlord Victor Tellegio (Robert DeNiro) is there and wants to meet the Sheikh. Tellegio becomes suspicious of the Sheikh but after some evil look exchanges it's all good. Tellegio arequires a $10 million wire transfer to prove the Sheikh's legitimacy so Richie agrees, eager to bring down Tellegio, but realises thing have gone from good to fuck up.Irving and Sydney realize they will have pull off their biggest most successful scam if they want to survive with the way things are going. And, to stir shit up some more, Rosalyn starts an affair with Pete Musane (Jack Huston) a mobster she met at the party and he cons her by playing with her feelings and in anger she mentions that Irving's plan and lie, so Musane threatens Irving, who promises to prove the Sheikh's investment is real. Irving later confronts Rosalyn where they have an angry chat but one which sorts itself out and Rosalyn agrees to keep quiet about the plan and says she wants a divorce.
Richie and Irving manage to entrap several members of Congress into receiving bribes on hidden videotape. A meeting is arranged at the offices of Tellegio's lawyer, but Tellegio does not show up in person yet the operation continues and Richie manages to get evidence of an admission of criminal activity and all is good, so far. 
Irving visits Carmine's house and admits the scam. Carmine blames Irving, saying he only wanted to improve New Jersey, saying he left the initial meeting but Irving brought him back. Irving insists that he has tried to help, but Carmine does not forgive him.Tellegio's $2 million goes missing, but an anonymous source offers to return it in exchange for immunity for Irving and Sydney and a reduced sentence for Carmine. Amado is willing to deal but Richie objects where Irving steps in and does his best com yet suggesting either Richie himself has the money or is grossly incompetent for having lost it. Irving actually had a friend pretend to be Tellegio's lawyer to con Richie, to give him leverage and keep them away from the mob. Amado accepts the deal and removes the disgraced Richie from the case, taking the credit for the bust. WHAT A CON THOUGH!
Irving and Sydney give up on their conning days and open a legitimate art gallery and move in together. Rosalyn lives with Musane and shares custody of her son with Irving and as for the mob, they accept that Irving deflected attention from them and leave him to get on with his life.American Hustle has a lengthy plot and it packs a lot of information in for a movie just over 2 hours and it does take a sharp mind to grab hold of the reigns to follow this quick paced story. If you can take hold of the story and if you can do it early on and if you can grasp what's happening then the film should make a lot of sense and should be thoroughly enjoyable. It has one of these good but complicated plots that need to be grasped early on to make sense of what's to come but if you can handle the basics of the story then you can somewhat put together everything else that happens, like a jigsaw. The film is slow paced in getting started and getting rolling but as soon it gets the big push it is off and racing! 
The 1980's theme in the film is an enjoyably classic one and puts the watcher at ease and takes them back to the days and I'm not gonna lie, Bale was made for these times as we see him slip in neatly in the film and in these times. The 80's theme is one that could drag the movie down heavily but if you surpass the idea of it being old school and black and white then it's really nothing and this time era won't hit you like a brick because to be honest, you almost forget about it! The cast impress all around! Obviously they do though. Hustle has an A-List cast with Bale, Cooper, Adams, Lawrence and Renner and with a cast this good one expects a movie to be similar and this one doesn't disappoint. It's as strong as its cast. Performances from the start and from everyone are smooth and sleek and too notch. They all work so nicely in this time period, with this story and with each other and they connect to give the film even more OOMPH! Honestly, I haven't seen better performances and better connection in a cast than this. They work so well and they act so well. 
Everyone performs well in this but I'd have to say that Bale and Lawrence win top dog for performances! Jennifer lights up the film! She is the light for the film. It would actually be pretty shit or not as humorous or 'light' without her because she brings this sense of ease and her comedy and look and just pure awesomeness intertwine just right to make this character that the film needs! Rosalyn Rosenfend is the character that livens up the whole film. Without J-Law, this whole film would be too heavy and a bit boring. Bale was another star though. His act was so smooth and his whole design and physique and entourage work perfectly to bring this badass con artist that fits perfectly in 1978. This is who Bale is! He's the star of the hustle and the way he steals deals, he steals the show and there's no doubt about it!!! 

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