“I can’t tell you how grateful I am for our little infinity.”

Get the tissues ready as you'll need them because the first trailer for TFiOS has hit the web.

It's been a long wait but it is finally here! The first trailer for The Fault in Our Stars debuted on Wednesday, Jan. 29. A small clip was also shown on Today, one day after a snippet premiered online via John Green's twitter page.

The trailer lasts just over 2 minutes and will leave you jaw-dropped, in awe, wanting more. It really is a beautiful montage of clips and will leave you with enough footage to be hyped but not so much that anything is given away.
Fans of TFiOS will know roughly what to expect after having read the book by John Green. That doesn't mean the film will be a class dawdle in the park as Fault lovers can now finally see their novel come to life on the big screen with Shailene Woodley taking lead as Hazel.
It's a beautiful story and a beautiful first trailer to get you excited. Check it out below:
Based on the smash hit, international bestseller by John Green, The Fault in Our Stars sees a teenage girl by the name of Hazel Grace Lancaster suffering from terminal cancer and losing all hope on life when she bumps into and unexpectedly befriends Augustus "Gus" Waters, an ex basketball player and amputee. The tale is of their friendship and love as Hazel enjoys what she can as a cancer struck teen.

A few days ago, a trailer was LEAKED but it wasn't in HD and watching this now we can see it is similar to the leak which was taken down after like an hour anyway. I saw the leak and it was magical and this is magical also.

The Fault in Our Stars is a beautiful tale and one of my favorite literature creations ever and I am really excited to see a film made out of it because I think it has been made perfectly and a good sync with the novel.
It's a sweet film and short but meaningful trailer and I, for one, am excited for this film. It could be one of the best adaptions yet, in my opinion, and it will make a great date night film for all you lovebugs out there.

The Fault in Our Stars hits cinemas on June 6th 2014.

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