Recently, I got the amazing opportunity to talk to growing celeb and YouTube extraordinaire, Jasmine Sky Sarin where I asked her a series of questions regarding her career, inspirations and more!

Jasmine Sky Sarin was born on April 21st 1999 and is a young and very talented actress known for her role as Tina in the 2013 TV movie, A Sister's Nightmare where she starred alongside Peyton List. She is also known for her small role in 2007's Partition but she is best known for her growing Youtube channel, beautyblush101 which has over 20,000 subscribers and shows off her love for fashion! 

She is very talented and very beautiful and I think she is an incredible person and I'm a huge fan of Jasmine so getting the chance to have an interview with her was a massive honour as she really is amazing and such a lovely girl.
I asked her a few questions which I received from my followers on Twitter about her career, future plans, inspirations etc and you can check it all out below:

We all know you love your Starbucks coffees so what would you do if all Starbucks' were removed off of the face of the earth?
I would probably cry and try to find a new coffee place ahaha!

If you could act alongside one actress/actor of your choice in a future movie, who would it be and why?
Chloe moretz because I've idolized her forever and she's such an amazing actress and role model!

Are you working on any other projects at the moment?
Not at the moment, no, I've been auditioning but I really wanna get more focused on my YouTube and such. 

If you could take the role as a character in a movie what character, what movie and why?
I know it sounds really strange but I've always wanted to act in a scary movie, I think playing a possessed girl would be so cool!

Everyone knows you as Peyton List's BFF! What are your thoughts on her and her acting?
Omg I love Pey, we became really close on set and I saw her this summer, she's so sweet and a great actress and I love her character.

If you could pick a highlight from all your time working on A Sister's Nightmare what would it be?
Probably all the fun I had with Peyton, we went out for dinner a lot and even went horseback riding!

From your vines and videos we can tell you have a lovely voice, have you ever considered a music career?
Aw thank you! I love to sing I've never really considered a career out of it but that'd be so cool! 

What country would you love to visit in the future?
I would love to visit France! Paris looks amazing!

What is one goal/target of yours for the future?
A really big goal of mine is just to continue acting & hopefully get a great role soon!

What was it like watching yourself in A Sister's Nightmare?
Aha it was really strange, I don't like to watch myself honestly but it was cool!

Are there any tips/advice you could give teens your age wanting to go on to acting in their future?
A great way to start acting is to take some workshops/classes and even get an agent! 

Who's a good role model, someone that inspires you greatly and why?
Once again, Chloe moretz aha I just really look up to her and always have, I admire her so much and she has an amazing acting career!

If you could have any one superpower for a day, what would it be and why?
Probably to be invisible, I think that'd be sick! Haha!

How does your character of Tina from ASN relate to you?
She's really outgoing and dresses kind of strangely which is exactly like me haha!

What inspired you to make a YouTube Channel?
What inspired me was everyone else's YouTube vids and I love to film!

So that's all the questions I managed to ask her. I'm very excited to see what Jasmine has planned in the future for her fans and her life as well as her ever growing Youtube channel and acting career! 
Be sure to follow Jasmine on twitter at:
Or check her out on YT at:

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