"Side by side to end this war, before it even began."

Oh my god. Bryan Singer is a movie directing god.

Marvel and 20th Century Fox have just unleashed the debut trailer for the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past and it is everything I imagined it would be!

Two generations of X-Men, one broken future and a crap ton of mutants are featured in the trailer, and it is quite intense and Bryan Singer's is looking like it will be the biggest X-Men movie yet because from what I've seen from the trailer, in the future it's going to be a day of our past which we won't forget. In other words, here's the trailer and enjoy.
"I don't want your suffering! I don't want your future!"
This trailer is so good and if you've seen 2013's The Wolverine and if you stayed for the after-credit scene then you'll know that is what we were expecting as we see Logan with Xavier and Magneto talking about stopping the humans from wiping out mutants and at the end of The Wolverine they both teamed up and called up Logan for help so it seems he'll definitely be one of the bigger characters for this film!

We get a glimpse of some of the many mutants returning for the film and then Xavier talking to Logan about convincing younger Xavier of what's to be done. We then see the younger generation of mutants showing their different paths. "Lead me, Guide me, be patient with me."

We then get into some intense music where we see lots of action and interesting moments from the film with Logan getting re-united with his admantium powers and just chaos with everything else.

"We need you to hope again."

X-Men: Days of Future Past stars Jennifer Lawrence, Patrick StewartMichael Fassbender, Ian McKellanHugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Ellen Page, Christopher Hoult and more and is set to open worldwide on May 23rd 2014.

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