The World's End sees five friends that reunite in an attempt to go back to the good old times and finish their epic pub crawl from 20 years earlier in the town of Newton Haven, where things have changed and are not all that they seem.

The film is extremely clever, like Shaun of The Dead and Hot Fuzz they have mixed two genres, this time Sci-Fi and Comedy, to create a film on par with the rest. From the first pint all the way through to the "bitter end.. or lager end" the crew have to use their wits to avoid being detected and caught by the pursuing robots, all of which ends with devastating consequences. It is a must-see if you enjoyed the other two. Also in my opinion it has some of the best special effects and comedy that I've ever seen in a British film. 

The plot for the film was crazy and silly but something you'd expect from Wright and Pegg. The silliness of the film means that it relies on the strength of it's leads to succeed, and they pull it off admirably. I liked that there was a role reversal of Pegg and Frost's usual character dynamic, with Frost especially noteworthy in his performance. The lads have clearly come a long way over the years. Pegg is clearly having a whale of a time, and carries us, the audience, along with him. 

The cast of the film was great overall and it was great seeing the familiar faces from Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz! Frost impressed the most and was outrageously funny with his harsh comments against Pegg and his skull smashing with chairs but the rest of the cast were just as good and just as funny as always.

The film is ludicrously entertaining and one I highly recommend for all comedy lovers and for all fans of the Cornetto trilogy! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was laughing throughout! 

The World's End is a hilariously silly and outrageously entertaining end to the great and highly beloved Cornetto trilogy. A definite must see! 

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