I was lucky enough to get such a wonderful opportunity and interview the hit popstar Gabbie Rae.

Gabbie was born on 21st May 1998 (a day after me) and is currently 15 years of age. She has been working professionally since age 7 and loves to listen to and perform all styles of music. Her wide range of musical inspirations including Eva Cassidy, Sista Otis, Michael Jackson and Aretha Franklin have helped develop her with her music by giving her inspiration. 
She is also a celebrity ambassador for Free2Luv and is completely against bullying.
She is very talented and has a beautiful voice which always wows me every time I hear it and I'm a huge fan of Gabbie so getting to do this Q&A with her was a massive honour as she really is one of my favourite singers and is such a lovely girl.
I asked her a few questions which I received from my followers on Twitter about her career, future plans, inspirations etc...

What is your all time favourite song?
Oh boy.... RIGHT now I am loving Radioactive and most anything by Imagine Dragons. But you know I love ALL music and have a HUGE list of faves. Anything from Michael Jackson to Sista Otis to Aretha Franklin, Bridgit Mendler, Bruno Mars and Eva Cassidy,
If you could collaborate with any one person of your choice who would it be?
Too many to choose just one. How bout a classic collab with Aretha Franklin and then perhaps Rock Mafia, Kelly Clarkson, Debby Ryan and Paramore to name a few!
What inspired you to become a singer?
I was just really born singing - I never did anything else.
Any secrets you can give away on your band your joining?
Not yet but it is all very exciting. The group is amazing and we all have totally unique personalities for sure!
What tips would you give to someone wanting to become a singer?
Follow your heart. Follow your dream. WORK HARD, every day!!!!! Lots of sacrifice needed - lots of discipline. Don't settle! Be you!
Your against bullying so what is your role in FREE 2 LUV?
I am proud to be a Free2Luv Celebrity Ambassador and am super excited to work with such amazing Celeb Ambassadors like Lisa Kudrow, Fran Drescher, Jake T. Austin, Vanessa Hudgins, Tom Arnold, Ed Hale and more. Looking forward to the Kick-Off of the "Rock Your Own Lyrics" Tour that starts in Seattle on June 23rd. Hope to visit as many cities as possible to help end bullying.
Any big plans for the future?
Lots!!! Stay tuned. Lots of recording, writing, touring.
What are your thoughts on the world today?
I believe the world is full of more good than bad but we always mostly just hear the negative stuff all the time. I believe in people and know everyone can really make a difference if giving the opportunity. I love the world and hope to be one of those people that can truly make an impact. Do I want to be the next Oprah or Michael Jackson and invest in our society, offer opportunities to as many people as I can? YES!!!
Who has been an inspiring role model for you in your life?
Always my parents - every day and my Big Sisters, Vanessa and Crystal. I am lucky to be friends with the amazing Debby Ryan who is an amazing role model and has a path I would truly love to follow.
What's your favourite country?
America of course cuz that's where I am from. We are free and strong. I do love learning about other countries and cultures too and really hope to visit as many places all over the world as I can. Europe is first on my list.
If you had one day left to live and you could spend it however you liked what would you do?
I can't answer this one honestly cuz I feel like I am too young to really know but I will say that by following and chasing my dreams every day, I am living the most that I can.

So that's all the questions I managed to ask her. I'm very excited to see what Gabbie has planned in the future for her fans and her life as she is joining a band soon and is continuing to sing and continuing to fight against bullying.
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