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'mother!' Review

If there is a filmmaker that can get people talking and get people reacting to his work, it's Darren Aronofsky. And he's back behind the camera for mother!, which is perhaps his most controversial and divisive film to date.
'IT' Review

2017 seems to be quite the year for Stephen King adaptations, with The Dark Tower having released earlier this year and Gerald's Game set to arrive soon. But the one that was the most hotly anticipated by many: IT.
'Victoria and Abdul' Review

Following all the Oscar buzz from his last film, last year's delightful Florence Foster Jenkins, British director Stephen Frears is back with his latest endeavour: British-drama Victoria & Abdul.
'Rough Night' Review

Every Summer brings with it those feel-good, female-centric comedies. Last year brought us Bad Moms; the year before we got Trainwreck and, this year, Scarlett Johansson leads a stellar comedic ensemble for Rough Night.
'Death Note' Review

Following Ghost in the Shell earlier this year, 2017 brings us our latest Hollywood adaptation of a popular Japanese anime (in this case, it was actually a manga before it became an anime) in the form of Netflix's Death Note.
'Logan Lucky' Review

Having taken a four-year hiatus from feature-film directing, focusing his attention on the small-screen with The Knick, the always-brilliant Steven Soderbergh makes his return to the silver-screen with Logan Lucky. And it's a welcomed return, indeed.
Warner Bros' 'The Joker' Spin-Off: Pros & Cons

With superheroes and cinematic universes reigning supreme in today's cinematic industry, Warner Bros Pictures have perhaps made their most controversial move in the game yet: a Joker-oriented spin-off film. But, let's break down this news a little more and dive into some pros and cons.