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Warner Bros' 'The Joker' Spin-Off: Pros & Cons

With superheroes and cinematic universes reigning supreme in today's cinematic industry, Warner Bros Pictures have perhaps made their most controversial move in the game yet: a Joker-oriented spin-off film. But, let's break down this news a little more and dive into some pros and cons.
'Suburbicon' Trailer: Trouble Brews For Matt Damon

The brilliant Joel and Ethan Coen have written another film. And it's directed by George Clooney. And it has an all-star cast. Aren't sold yet? Well, the new trailer for Suburbicon is here to convince you to go see this film.
'The Punisher' Teaser: Castle's Coming To Collect

Marvel and Netflix's small-screen universe has been pretty great thus far, with this past week welcoming in the long-awaited The Defenders. Now, the studio are looking ahead and the teaser trailer for The Punisher has arrived.
'A Ghost Story' Review

A film that made some big waves whilst doing this festival rounds earlier this year was David Lowery's A Ghost Story, starring Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara - one of my most anticipated films of the year - and it was worth all of the buzz and the hype.
'Atomic Blonde' Review

Earlier this year, John Wick exploded back into our hearts with the awesome John Wick: Chapter Two. Well, our favourite dog-lover has some competition with the arrival of this Summer's Atomic Blonde.
'Wakefield' Review

A decade after her directorial debut with The Jane Austen Book Club and Academy-Award nominated writer Robin Swicord is back behind the camera for her sophomore feature: Wakefield.