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'A Quiet Place' Review

Last year, Jordan Peele gave us one of the best films of 2017 in his directorial debut Get Out; following in a similar vein, John Krasinski also does a 360-genre spin to tackle the chilling A Quiet Place – and it might be one of the best films of this year.
'Ready Player One' Review

Earlier this year, Steven Spielberg gave us The Post; a mere couple of months later and the acclaimed director returns - this time giving us a film completely opposite from his timely and sharp newsroom flick – with sci-fi popcorn flick Ready Player One.
'Annihilation' Review

Back in 2015, writer Alex Garland stepped into the directing spotlight with his debut Ex Machina. This year, he follows his sci-fi masterpiece up with the long-awaited Annihilation – which is available to stream on Netflix now.
GFF 18: 'Wonderstruck' Review

Back in 2015, director Todd Haynes gave us one of the best films of the decade in Carol; returning to the helm this year to follow it up, we have Wonderstruck.
GFF 18: 'Submergence' Review

For his latest, Wim Wenders directs James McAvoy and Alicia Vikander in romantic drama Submergence - a film with arrives with lots of fascinating ideas and potential but one that, sadly, drowns upon arrival.
GFF 18: 'You Were Never Really Here' Review

In Hollywood's current weather, action films the likes of Taken and John Wick are a dime a dozen. On the surface, it's easy to mistake Lynne Ramsay's latest for another one of these. But it's so much more.
GFF 18: 'Ghost Stories' Review

Adapting from their acclaimed and colossal hit theatrical production, directors Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson offer us Ghost Stories: a terrifying anthology of unnerving stories, which screened at this year's Glasgow Film Festival.
GFF 18: 'Foxtrot' Review

Whilst it may not have picked up the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy-Awards last night, it’s safe to say that you won’t see any film this year quite like Samuel Maoz’s Israeli drama Foxtrot.
GFF 18: 'Lean on Pete' Review

From Moonlight to Lady Bird, The Florida Project, A Ghost Story and more, A24 are at the top of their game. And now they’ve given us Lean on Pete, which screened at this year's Glasgow Film Festival - and the verdict is in.
GFF 18: 'Thoroughbreds' Review

There’s a lot of comparisons to American Psycho and Heathers being made with director Cory Finley’ stark debut into feature-film territory. But, frankly, it’s the best broad-stroke encapsulation of what this film is: if those two cult classics had a twisted child, it would look something like Thoroughbreds.